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 I guess I can start off this shindig!

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Joseph Clairmont


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PostSubject: I guess I can start off this shindig!   Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:57 pm

Writing has been a passion of mine for quite some time. Now I am not going to say that I am going to be a next top seller, not by a LONG shot. However, I feel that the ability to express yourself through writing is important in order to keep the creative juices flowing. Bring out new idea's and new worlds for people to explore, to love, to hate, and all the other emotions that we as writers like to invoke on our audience.

I have been writing basically since I was young, it all started when I was but a wee boy, every day right before lunch we would be given time to write in a journal of sorts, it didn't matter what it was. I always found that I sucked at writing about Journal things, so instead. I would write short stories. And from there the passion just grew.

I have written so many different genera's Sci-fi, and Fantasy have to be my favorites. The one type of story that I have NEVER quite been able to pin down being horror, I guess I am just not scary!

Anyways I hope to hear from your, to see what you create! And who knows. Maybe we can help each other reach goals that no one ever thought possible on our own.

Keep those pencil's/pens/keyboards writing, and I will see you on the next page!

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PostSubject: Re: I guess I can start off this shindig!   Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:05 pm

Can't wait to read your work!
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I guess I can start off this shindig!
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