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 Tears of the Naga Prologue.

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Joseph Clairmont


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PostSubject: Tears of the Naga Prologue.   Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:47 pm

If interested send me a message and I can give you the complete FULL google doc!

Tears of a Naga
Joseph Clairmont


The sounds coming from behind her were almost deafening, the blur of buildings rushing past the narrow street. Vendor's shops were all closed up for the night. However, this town was anything but quiet. A common theme in the air the words “monster”, and “demon”, each one stabbing through her heart like a knife. Rounding a corner, she slammed her shoulder hard into a vendor's stand, the resounding crunch of splitting wood ripping through the streets, followed by the rolling sound of fruit and vegetables being thrown about.
The scratching of cobblestone grinding against scales, and the frantic breath of the woman was soon the only sound she heard. Thinking back, she guessed she had lost them slipping down an alley way, hiding herself behind a crate. It wasn't an easy task for someone her size. Shaking violently in fear the mob of people rushing past, unable to help her gaze from being drawn to the sharp farm equipment and dull swords. She had ascertained this people as peaceful and friendly, even treating her amiably until the accident by taking her in, feeding her and bathing her. She had started to think she found a home. Starting to think had been her mistake.
That was when that poor young girl came back to mind. The memory of it all was still burned into her mind, the thoughts of her first few seconds of vision. That look of terror as she gazed into her eyes made her almost wish her head had been removed. That little girls bright smile turned to scared in an instant, her scream quieted almost before she could make it. these half screams as their body finally solidifies is a sound that doesn't leave you, a sound that haunts you at night.
Shaking that thought out of her head turns her body gazing up at the clear nights sky, her blindfold still around her neck. It had been months since she had seen the stars, always to afraid of this exact thing happening the core reason she doesn't. It was almost surreal to feel this sensation around her. this quiet. this maddening quiet that almost made her yearn for the sound of the angry mob that wants her. The quiet hid to many shadows. The fact that she knows what lurks there part of the reason she feels so insecure.
Wiping away her eyes feeling the tears cool wetness rolling over her thumb down the top of her hand. Casting a streak of clean through her dirty dusty skin, taking a moment to look at the beading water on the top of her hand in it she could see her reflection. her tiny reflection shimmering in its surface. Her dirty frayed unkempt long stony blue hair flowing down over her head, her eyes, one of the rarest things to see of Alora's entire body a deep blue, almost as blue as the ocean. her ears long and pointed poking through the tangles of hair.
Going down from that the hair rests on her shoulders slipping down to her shoulder blades. Her hair covering the dirty tatters of her shirt. some pieces of it being held onto her body by the thinnest pieces of thread, It almost seemed that if there was a breeze that would hit her the wrong way she would find herself topless.
The last major feature of her upper body was the deep scars that etched their way across her body. raised flesh that will never heal flat again, all reminders of the dangers of what she is now. The lifestyle she has to live. Some of these scars could have lead to life threatening consequences if it weren't for her skill as a warrior. Alora could have found herself long dead if it weren't for that. Wiping the tear from her wrist gazes down at the last major feature about her body, a shift of weight cast an emerald blue glitter to catch her eye her scales almost like a skin of armour heavy belly scales hinting her mountainous birthplace thick scales covering her entire lower body. Alora was a Naga. her body half elvish, half snake, merging at her hips makes her almost four times the length of your average human, ALL muscle, She was fast, nimble, agile, but if she needed to she had the ability to be brutishly deadly, a single swipe of her powerful tail enough to cripple a human.
Reaching up and around her neck Alora starts to untie something soft. something warm that now rests on her shoulders. Eventually she had it loose and free dangling it in front of her for a moment. the piece of thick heavy cloth blowing and swaying in the wind. white in colour was actually the only piece of anything that she owned that was clean. It was clean, because it was the only thing that kept what ever happened tonight from happening to anyone.
Alora's gaze falling back to her tail allowing the bandage to just rest on one of the coils stayed looking at herself for a very long time, her heart rate eventually slowing down from its panic from before. Thinking that the horde that was currently after her might have given up thinking she had run off into the forest. In all reality she wishes she knew where the forest was from where she is, or she would more then likely be there.
Her ears twitched as a sound rang through them, it was a woman's cry, this sound was slowly getting closer to her, shifting her shoulders would try to make out what the girl was saying. the heaving sounds of the distressed woman's voice had a word thrown in between heaves. Twisting her body off of the crate slithered towards the opening. She had to know what she was saying. her eyes falling on a rather attractive young woman on her knees in the middle of the square, thankfully the girl wasn't looking at her, She had something strewn across her lap, It was a little hard to tell at this distance.
Moving out into the street using the vendors to keep her hidden she slowly gets closer. The closer she got, the further her heart would sink for this woman. Wanting to reach out and console her to let her know that everything was okay.
"My baby! My poor Emily" She would scream doubling over the object in her lap, Alora's eyes go wide as she finally makes out what it is, The girl that was sobbing in the courtyard was a mother. that face. that stony face that of this girls daughter. tears welling in her eyes as she had taken away this woman's life without killing her. Alora took away this girls child.
Alora's inner most desires told her to run, they told her she could cry later, that if anyone found her out here, she would probably be de-scaled and beheaded in that order. However seeing this woman crying, seeing this had broken her heart. and her will to even want to run. clasping onto her eye bandage found a hole between carts slithering out behind this girl into the courtyard. her scales no longer making any noise as they went. when she got close behind her she would coil up listening to the girl crying seeing something that really hit home, after she accidentally turned this girl to stone, and the panicked frenzy afterwards she had knocked the statue over. the statue crumbled into little pieces. most still recognizable as body parts but there was a lot of pebbles laying around.
Grabbing her tails tip after wrapping it around herself brought it up to hold it in her hands gazing at her. "I am..." she would say softly tears already streaming down her face "I am so... so sorry." she says looking at the girl who was now sitting there frozen, From what she could tell either frozen in fear, or something else. "She lifted my blindfold... I... Had I known." she would say placing her hands on the mother consoling her pile of stone. If she had known the girl was going right for the blindfold she would have reared back, She would have reared back and everything would have been okay.
"You have taken everything from me." she says holding onto the remnants of the torso. "You have taken my sweet Emily." she says drawing her hand across the solidified hair. the super thin stone breaking and crumbling under her touch. "How could you go on living knowing you have this evil inside you... Please tell me why you haven't killed yourself..." she says into the stone. Each word made her almost want to roll over and die. forgetting to breathe as she forces herself to stay right here. the soft patter of her tears that collected on her chin splashing on the cobblestone below.
"I don't know. I have tried. Honestly I have." she says remembering the amount of times that she would have been on the brink of death. Her body is just too stubborn to just die. Sometimes she thinks its part of the curse, and not her bodies desire to want to continue living.
"Your a monster... We took you into our town." the mothers voice would say quietly "We took you into our home... she begged us to help you, ya know... Emily couldn't stand to see the poor blind Naga in the forest." she says shifting, Alora able to see something resting under the stony statue of her daughter, her eyes catching the glint and drawing her attention to it. a spoon, a silver spoon resting on her lap. her hand tightly wrapped around it, her knuckles gleaming white as her grasp seemed to tighten around it.
"I can't let you do this to anyone else... Emily has to be avenged." The mother would say shifting her body, her voice Almost to quiet for Alora to hear. "I just can't." she says. Alora realizing that she was in danger started to back away
"It was an accident. please... you have to believe me... if I had known." She starts to plead softly as she moves backwards as quick as she could starts to wrap her blindfold around her eyes. hearing the sound of rubble falling to the ground finishing the knot that holds her blindfold on now sure that the girl was facing her. tears streaming from Alora's eyes hearing a feminine grunt followed by a searing pain in her forehead hissing loudly as she topples over. the cool feeling of blood rolling down her face soaking into the blindfold as she was struck in the head with a stone.
What happened next was not what she expected, but it was what she deserved in her mind. The feeling of her sides being kicked, her chest being stepped on and kicked to the point she heard a snap, one of her ribs breaking under the force of the bombardment. That all changed when she felt the girl fall down onto Alora's upper half. The weight of her stomach being straddled by the woman's legs sitting down on the extremely painful sensation in her chest.
"I am not going to kill you Naga... I want you to live knowing what you did to my Emily." The girls voice sounding angry, sad, hopeless, and vengeful all in the same moment. "Just know as you wallow in the fucking dirt that you took her from me... you filthy animal." she says her voice getting closer feeling a hand grabbing onto that blindfold.
"NO... no don't please!" Alora pleads her tail thrashing but unable to knock her off.
"You should thank me Naga... I am going to make it so you can't hurt anyone ever again... I am going to gouge your eyes!" The girl says with a violent jerk the blindfold comes free. Alora only able to watch as her eyes made contact with the woman's mid thrust.
That look of anger never leaving her face as that spoon drew closer to those terrified ocean blue eyes. As more of the mother turned to stone the slower the spoon would go, eventually Alora watched the tips of her fingers turn, the silver spoon millimetres from her left eye shimmering as she can see its reflection staring back at her.
"No.... no no why..." she says as she looks at the statue that now lays pinned over her, unable to move under its weight struggled to get her eyes away from that spoon. unable to stop looking at the pure hatred in the stony gaze of the mother staring back at her. "I cant move..." she would say feeling tears streaking down collecting and running up her pointed ears to drip onto the ground. "I can't UGH... MOVE!" she would say as she tried to move the heavy stone off of her body pinned to the ground.
"Goddess forgive me." she would say knowing what she had to do, she had to break the statue of the woman. "closing her eyes, and with a massive twist of her body and searing pain rippling through her tail the statue crumbled. that weight and that presence gone off of her rolling over slithered off into the night a monster.

It was hard to tell how long that Alora had been moving, leaving the sights of the town behind her. The sensation of cobblestone replaced by that of the forest once more, logs and trees scraping by her skin as she moves without care. Every branch digging into her skin leaving cuts on her form.
Eventually she couldn't continue, flopping down onto her stomach with a thud, a root digging into her already sore side, that broken rib painfully reminding her to change her position, however no matter how she tried to move her body just wouldn't respond, it was to exhausted from the multiple near death experiences. And the emotional impact of what had just transpired. Off in the distance the subtle rumble of an approaching storm and the rapidly darkening sky around her hinted to her need to find shelter. It wasn't until the first raindrop hit her pointed ear that she realized just how dire her need for shelter was. Groaning as she forces her body up her muscles feel weak and strained pushed beyond their limits.
Bringing her hands up behind her head came with a struggle, both with the pain in her chest, and her arms desire to rest. However she managed to get the knot undone her blindfold slipping away softly blowing in the storms wind. Clutching it tightly in her grip opens her eyes to take in the beautiful contrast of greens and greys. The way each tree reacted to the wind that whips at their leaves had a sort of calming effect for Alora. It seemed that here far away from any other life she could truly be herself.  Off in the distance a rock outcropping overgrown with flora caught her eye, As the rain picked up she could see it clear as day, the way that the rain poured off of its precipice a sight of beauty, and it wasn't that far off.
Grunting with each movement of her body each push of her tail into the soft earth below her came with effort having to use the trees as handholds just to keep her body upright. Soon enough the soft dirt changed to stone. All the trees giving way to the cold feeling of the stone beneath her passing through a small waterfall that the now torrential downpour had created feeling her blue hair matted down against her scalp down her shoulders pinning itself between her shoulder blades. A shiver ebbed through her body now finally free of the rains cold embrace. Having to fold her body up coiled on top of herself in order to get her entire body free of the rain soon found herself resting her shoulders down onto her body staring up at the moss that had grown its way into the harshest material someway though it seemed to survive. Alora found herself deep in thought about this, how was it that something like moss can grow out of something like stone. Yet it peels away just as easily as it stays there.
Tears once again welling in her eyes as her thoughts come back to that girls face. Emily, how is she ever going to forgive herself for taking away such a young life. Stealing it away because of a curse she has no control over. In no way would she blame the mother for her actions. In fact a small part of Alora almost wished that she had succeeded. If she had then there would be no way for her to ever hurt anyone ever again.
Alora's breathing grows shallow at that thought, her heart shooting up into her throat making it hard to breathe. The feeling was almost painful. Her vision starting to blur as tears coat her eyes like a lens.
“I am sorry...” she would say quietly. “Goddess, I am sorry.” she says with a hoarse voice “I am doing everything I can... Please believe me... I...” she says rolling her body over to lay on her good side. “I keep screwing up. And people are dieing and...” she says finally allowing her head to go limp against her coils, those stony blue scales shimmer with water a mix of tears and rain. “And there is nothing I can do to stop it...” Alora just lays there perfectly still the sound of the thunderstorm booming its way across the sky all around her. As if the goddess herself was punishing her.
The storm raged on around her for a long time, her tears long since dried up against her cheeks yet still she can't sleep. Above her a rock is kicked off of the ledge clacking as it lands on the ground. Alora's gaze falls on the stone for a few moments. Followed by a snarl that would shake the bones of anyone sane enough to realize their source. A few leaps later the sound of scratching claws was heard, Alora shifting her body rolling over realizing that maybe the goddess heard her pleas. And was sending in the wolves to grant her a quick death. That snarl sounding just out into the rain. However there was no painful bite at the back of her neck, no claws raking their way down her back, across her scales. Why? There was no doubt that there was a wolf there. And it was only a mere few feet away from her. Rolling her body back over allowed her gaze to fall on the wolf. Its pearl white fur slicked down against its slender body this wolf having as many scars dents and dings that hers did. It was a thing of beauty to look at, a wolf was always a graceful creature in Alora's eyes before she lost her sight. And here was a wolf sniffing at the air as if trying to find the wounded defeated mass of Alora. Her eyes finally meeting its eyes realizing why it hadn't turned to stone the moment she looked at it. This wolf's eyes were glossed over there was no pupil The wolf, was blind.
In a way this felt like a cruel joke, of all the predators in the forest to find her in this vulnerable state this wolf stumbled across her. Alora just stared at it with curious fascination, She was sure that it couldn't smell her through the rain, not making enough noise to hear would be invisible to this animal. All she would have to do would be to make one noise, Just one simple sound and it would attack, her body would go to making sure that the wolf would be able to live longer. She didn't know why but it somehow seemed poetic to go out in this manner. How ever no matter how hard she thought about it, she would never make a sound. Just looking at the grace this creature presenting itself before her had. It stayed there for what Alora thought to be a good amount of time, Eventually its ears drop down its body turns and starts to walk off into the distance vanishing into the trees.
“W... wait...” her mind finally kicked in reminding her body that it did have a voice “wait...” she says again quietly. Feeling as if she just lost her chance at salvation felt exhaustion hit her like a brick. No matter how hard she tried, her eyes wouldn't stay open. Soon enough found herself drifting off to sleep.
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Tears of the Naga Prologue.
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